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Under The Radar

on February 10, 2010

Most everyone has heard of David Copperfield.  When most people hear the word “magic”, his face comes to mind.  He is incredibly famous in the world of magic.  He has introduced magic to the masses and helped create a worldwide appreciation for magic.  But there are many incredibly talented magicians who tend to fly “under the radar” and these next two articles are a tribute to them, these less-famous but equally talented stars.

Cutis Adams- he is one of the youngest magicians to ever perform in the casinos in Reno.  He appeared at the age of 16 on FOX televisions “Young Magicians Showcase”.  Keep you eye on him.  He is up and coming for sure.

Criss Angel-  He is certainly becoming more and more well know, with the help of his TV specials.  Criss is the only 3-time winner of the Merlin Award from the International Society of Magicians.  Many admire his unique street style.  He is well known for incredible physical stunts like lying on a bed of nails while a Hummer drives over him. Ouch!

Ed Balducci- Unfortunately the world of magic lost this shinning star at the age of 82.  But he was best known for his gimmick-free trick of rising several inches off the ground with his back to his audience.

Derren Brown- He actually claimed that aliens abducted him at one time, and therefore his magical abilities.  Whether or not you believe that, there is no denying his talent.  This British star loved mind reading tricks and was especially known for his brilliant close-up magic.

Richard “Cardini” Pitchford- He was well known for his incredible slight of hand.  He practiced magic for almost 50 years before his death, and to this date no own is quite able to completely duplicate his amazing ability, though his is considered the world’s most imitated magician.

More amazing talent in the next post!

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