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Where Do I Go To Learn More Magic?

on February 20, 2010

So you’ve decided that you are going to take up magic as a hobby, or maybe even as a new career endeavor.  Or maybe you are already in your magic career and you are looking for some new ideas!

There are several different resources that will help train you and give you ideas for some incredible tricks, from easy to difficult!  It’s not like you could walk up to some magician and say “Hey, can you show me some tricks?”.  Most likely if you did you would get the response that “a magician never reveals his secrets”.

So you have to take the bull by the horns and get yourself trained!  Some of us have had the advantage of having a magic mentor.  Some one in the business who has taken us under his wing and showed us the ropes, so to speak.  But maybe this isn’t the case for you and you still want to get started in this field.  Here are some ideas for how you can go about it.

First, you don’t have to spend money to get some magic under your belt.  If your budget doesn’t allow you to sink a lot of money up front into this new endeavor, never fear!  There are free resources out there.  The library is the best!!  We know, you probably haven’t stepped foot in one for years, but seriously, libraries are packed with information and it’s all FREE!!!  Go there and study the hundreds of books on magic tricks.  They are usually in the games and hobbies section.  This is where many magicians got their start.  Pick out some books with some simply tricks to start with, and then move to the more advanced ones.

Another free resource is of course the Internet.  Search “free magic tricks” and there is a world of resources for you.  Many tricks you will see don’t even require expensive props.  They use everyday household items.  There are many sites that offer specials on products too.

If you’ve got a little money to spend, it’s a good idea to get involved with a magic club or association.  Many of them require paying dues, but they usually aren’t that expensive, and once you join you have access to so much support and knowledge.  Magicians’ are usually out to support each other so why not be apart of a group working toward the same goal?  And they offer many meetings and workshops to improve your skills and repertoire.

Also, there are many magic trick kits out there.  If you have a teen or child that shows an interest in magic you can purchase a kit in a toy store.  These usually have up to 100 tricks in them and are well made.  As an adult one of the best places to find magic tricks is in a magic trick store.  Go there with a magician who is experienced because they can be overwhelming, but they are packed with everything you need to succeed!  They usually get new products in all the time, as well as carry classic favorites.  Once you find a magic store you like, you may find yourself there all the time!

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