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Ellis in Wonderland Tim Ellis & Sue Anne Webster, DVD
Item #32194

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Tim and Sue-Anne have adapted one of there incredible lectures into 3 hours of wonder on this incredible DVD. Ellis & Webster have been known to bring there audiences to multiple ovations. There magic and presentation techniques are world renowned.

Over three and a half hours of magic on the DVD version of their famous lecture!

Featuring live performances and detailed teaching of:
  • Ultimate Blades
  • Credit Card Fax
  • Candle Tips
  • Deckstress
  • Deathslates
  • 7 Keys to Paradise
  • Jazz Cards
  • Deck Vanish
  • Cellular Thinking
  • Cash to Credit Card
  • Bill to Anything
  • Shakespeare's Monte
PLUS Bonus performances of:
  • Jazz Cards
  • Credit Card Fax
  • Deckstress
  • and Bloopers.
Special features on:
  • Strolling Magic
  • Black Art
  • Thumbtips
  • MagicSports
  • 6 Card Rap Music Video
  • Photographic Gallery
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Promotional Video
  • and previews of other Ellis & Webster products.
What People Are Saying:

"It was an absolute surprise to find that all of the content is not only commercial, but built on really simple concepts that have a great impact. Usually I'm happy if I can do/want to do even 60% of the stuff on a DVD I buy - to me, that's a worth while investment - so this was a bonus."
- Mat.

"I think its fantastic! I showed my friends and they all loved it especially the fact that you guys are Aussies."
- Dave Lee

"All I can say is the Ellis & Webster DVD's are awesome and well worth buying even if you did not find any material on the DVD usefull (which you will find plenty) the comedy style layout and presentation is great! Long live Elly May!!!!!!!"
- Michael Sullivan

"One of the best magic instructional videos I have ever seen!"
- The Magic Cafe

"...few are as entertaining and informative as the Tim Ellis and Sue-Anne Webster video tapes."
- The Linking Ring

"...the best magical money you'll spend this year."
- Genii Magazine

"Tim's Ultimate Blades is an excellent method."
- Magic Magazine

"If it sounds like I'm high on this disc, it's only because I am."
- Online Visions

"They're not only great on this DVD. They're great for magic."

"Ellis in Wonderland is overflowing with rock-solid, practical magic."
- My Lovely Assistant

"Mr Ellis and Ms. Webster have set forth a Vegas-like buffet of great magic."
- Inside Magic

"...your work on the blades... great stuff, and by far the best routine I've ever seen."
- Jeff McBride

"I believe this to be one of the best magic instructional DVDs I have ever seen. A ton of A material presented and taught by an excellent teacher. Mr.Ellis is ever the professional in his performance, and so darn personable that you can't help but like him. This helps us learn better I believe and after viewing this disc I feel like I have met the man himself. It is obvious to anyone viewing this DVD that Tim and Sue-Anne spent a great deal of effort in its creation and it clearly shows. If you can only afford to purchase one DVD from Tim Ellis, this is the volume you can't be without. "
- Steve Brooks, The Magic Cafe

"Ellis In Wonderland is a whimsical depiction of what a magic video might look like viewed through the looking glass. Dressed in the character of Alice, Ms. Webster tells the tale of her visit to a strange land where the Mad Magician was performing a host of tricks. Following each introduction, the effects themselves are performed by Mr. Ellis in a variety of locations and situations, and finally explained. The magic is outstanding, from a truly practical razorblade swallowing routine to the nearly effortless "Deckstress," which is seen to have numerous customization possibilities. The "7 Keys to Paradise" routine addresses some of the presentational weaknesses inherent in the effect, while "Bill to Anything" is a clever solution to the bill to impossible location effect that was spurred by the use of plastic currency in Australia. The resulting methodology is usable anywhere, however, and Mr. Ellis' explanation is also a challenge to be creative in presenting the effect differently than seen on the disc. This disc also has some fantastic bonus features, including some in-the-trenches advice on black art from Ms. Webster, tips on strolling magic, and a video of the duo's outstanding "Six Card Rap" which has garnered praise from all over the world. And I haven't even mentioned the MagicSports games which are demonstrated and then taught (in a font just a bit too small). The disc is literally packed to overflowing with magic."
- Joe M Turner, Genii Magazine

"It's been a while, but the wait has been worth it. "Ellis in Wonderland" contains some great, commercial, and ultimately entertaining routines in a fun compilation with some hilarious extras added just for kicks. To say this is a keeper is an understatement. This is one of those times I really don't know where to start. So let's start with the material, which is going to take a while (the DVD is packed with over three hours of pure stuff, so a synopsis is going to be anything but short). Taken as a whole, the material is quite simply excellent. Ellis and Webster have been at this a while and it shows: the material covers so much ground that there should be pitfalls along the way, but there are none. Zero. Zilch. All the material is commercial and entertaining. If there is any drawback to this collection, it's the reliance on set-ups and gimmicks needing resets which will make some wince. But even having said that, there are pieces here are so gorgeous that squeezing them into an existing act is a pleasure. Along with all the material, there are also a ton of tips on using props and performing in certain venues. In this category of material, we get some of what we expect - like a mini-lecture on Fantasio candles and thumb tips - but also some unexpected and very welcome bits on strolling, corporate shows, black art, and more. And if that wasn't enough, some of the most entertaining minutes on the DVD will be spent with Ellis explaining and showing the results of MagicSports (believe me, the bit about magic dealers is a scream, but nothing beats what happens to an innocent little dice-stacking routine). Add to the mix the performance of "Six Card Rap" and you're really having fun. If it sounds like I'm high on this disc, it's only because I am. There is some great stuff here and both Ellis and Webster are capable and talented teachers. The production values of the disc are very high, even when, by all rights, they shouldn't be (like the un-staged "MagicSports" segments). The final analysis? There's wonderful stuff on this disc that makes this a solid keeper."
- Shane, Online Visions

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 05 December, 2009.
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