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Gaff : Homemade Gimmicks by Doorway Magic
Item #29443

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A 4 DVD collection that teaches you all you need to know about GAFF cards

Have you ever wanted to give out your gaffed card as a souvenir but couldn't?

Have you ever wanted to create your own gaff cards? Want to never run out of them?

Wait no more! The next generation of gaffed card magic is here! In 2006 the Doorway Magic team decided to start a new project called GAFF. The idea was to make a collection of techniques and methods that would allow anyone to create and use their own GAFF cards. After two years of hard work our goal was achieved: A full length 4 DVD set that includes over 40 amazing effects and a detailed collection that will teach you all the techniques and fine details on how to create and make your very own professional looking gaff cards.

The Doorway Magic team is proud to present: GAFF: Home Made Gimmicks DVD collection

One of the best references and instruction guides available for learning gaffed card tricks and moves. If you're looking for the best all-around instruction on GAFF magic, this is it.

This 4-DVD set contains instructions for the tricks and routines suitable for beginners through experts. Perform the most incredible tricks with gaff cards! Learn, step by step from the performer's view, how to construct and perform these gimmicks and tricks!


DVD ONE - Introduction to GAFF

Basic Card Handling
  • Materials
  • Double lift
  • Fake shuffle
  • Short Card Force
  • Bottom Force
  • Riffle Force
  • Color Changes
Basic GAFF Techniques
  • The Gaff Force - the ultimate card force

    The rest of the Basic card gaffing techniques that will not be reveled here.
  • Wicked Little Tricks - a pack of fast, hard-hitting tricks.
  • Hidden Chamber - a way to produce, conceal and vanish any small object using a deck of cards.
  • Trailer - the GAFF DVD trailer
DVD TWO - Vol 1 - Cardfinders
  • Introduction The Traveling
  • Joker - the Joker Leaves it's card and finds a chosen card
  • The Automated Rising Card - the simplest, cleanest rising card you'll ever see.
  • Sharpie Sniper - locate a chosen card by shooting a hole through it with an imaginary gun.
  • Blur - use the ink from one card to reveal the identity of the chosen one.
  • Hole - make a spectator cut a piece from his card using his mind.
  • Black Heart - trying to locate the chosen card, the magician gets it wrong, but the card then changes slowly into the chosen card in 4 slowly occurring stages!
  • The Hindu Mark - locate a chosen card by letting a printed sign do the work for you.
  • Say Hello To My Little Friend - the magician paints a small stick figure on the back of one card and the small drown assistant finds and pulls out the card by itself.
  • The Silent Card Trick - a card trick with no words. Tips & ideas
DVD THREE - Vol 2 - let's go mental!
  • Introduction
  • Mental Board - direct mind reading like you've never seen before.
  • Crystal Clear - predictions with a twist
  • My Prediction - a magician's insurance policy
  • Stab - stab a chosen card in mid-air
  • 497 - a mathematical trick that will fool the best
  • Burnt - pyrokinetic trick. Make a spectator burn a chosen card with his mind.
  • Marked For Examination - a double trick: the chosen card is the only card in the deck with a mark on it, and the rest of the cards in the deck are all blank!
DVD FOUR - Vol 3 - Creative Card Magic
  • Introduction
  • The Bite-Out Card - bite part of signed card off - and spit it right back.
  • Hole Mover - punch a hole through a card and visually move it to another chosen card.
  • Ace-amble - a unique, unbelievable ace assembly that will blow your mind.
  • In Your Hand - 2 cards are chosen. One is placed in the card box and the other is outside. With a blink of an eye, they switch places.
  • Hybrid - make 2 torn cards stick together and create a monstrous hybrid card.
  • Magic Ink - a fun comedy routine that explains how magicians vanish objects.
  • Sandwich - chosen card appears between 2 cards that were removed earlier from the deck.
The GAFF DVD collection contains additional tricks, ideas, moves and methods for using and performing with GAFF cards. Learn it now!

"GAFF is one of those rare collections that live up to what they claim"
- Jordan Bailey, USA, magician

"Very creative, very original, very powerful"
- Andre Delton, CANADA, street magician

"The Doorway Magic team took the Simple GAFF cards idea to a whole new level. I WILL be performing these!"
- Noah Bar-on, ISRAEL, magician

"Unlike any other GAFF related product I've seen. With this I can make my own magic!"
- Joshua Benson, SA, party magician

"A unique collection that redefines the GAFF principles in card magic today"
- William Matson, Britain, magician

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 11 December, 2008.
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