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Magic book of Harry Lorayne
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by John Vincelli Date Added: Thursday 27 October, 2011
This is the only magic book that Harry Lorayne wrote for the general public instead of for magicians only. It's intent was to get the "layman" into magic. Some magicians were a little upset at Harry for giving away some really good stuff in a beginner's book that was so easilly available.

So what's inside? it starts off by teaching you the terminology used throughout the book and throughout any book for that matter. Think of it as magic lingo. The he goes on to give you basic tips on how square a deck, turn cards over, etc. Then he goes straight into basic sleights such the Hindu Shuffle, Jog Shuffle, 3 different Double Lift Turn Overs, 2 Palming techniques, etc. Then teaches some great tricks. Now some of these tricks also appear in his other books and/or DVDs, however being that this is a beginner, some of the harder steps that enhance the trick a little more have been omited. They still work well though and I use to perform tricks in the way discribed in this book and always got great reactions even without those extra steps I use now. He also teaches some great self-working card tricks that I still use from time to time. What makes these self-workers good is that he tells you to throw in a Jog Shuffle here and there to enhance them and make them appear a lot less mathematical.

He also teaches some basic coin sleights and there is a good deal of coin routines including classics like Four Coins Across. Coins is an area of magic that many beginners tend to dismis because learning the moves in the early stages of magichood can seem a little bit daunting, but Harry's unique style of writing makes learning them easy. He writes exactly the way he speaks and even repeats what he says a second time in a different way just to make sure you understand what he's saying. Anyone who's seen Harry perform or give memory lectures knows that the man can talk a lot and this book is no exception. That's what makes it great.

He also teaches some really good number magic tricks that if you perform them well, they won't be just some math trick that your uncle shows you. You can make a full routine and show how quick in math you are when in actually the trick is so basic a 4th grader could do them. He stresses performance to make them look astonishing. He also has a section on metalism (metal magic) with tricks that will make your audience believe you're reading their thoughts. Are they the greatest mentalism tricks known to man? No, but they're great starting points and can really help you developpe your performance skills since mental magic demands more acting than any other genres of magic.

Last but not least there is a section called Miscellaneous Magic which deals with the kind of effects you can do at a dinner table after a meal for example. It's also good to know these types of tricks because once people start to know that you can do tricks, they may start asking you to do some when you don't have your props or a deck of cards on you so knowing how to do some cool routines with everyday objects reinforces to your audience that you really are a magicians.

Despite being a beginner's book, I sometimes go back to this to look up some effects. They really are that good. I guarantee you that if you take a trick from each section, you will have two card tricks (one with sleight of hand and one self-worker), a coin trick, a number trick, a mentalism effect and one with an everyday object; you pretty much have yourself a full blown routine to entertain your audience for about 20-25 minutes.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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