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Magic Tricks: Stimulating your Creativity

February 7, 2013

You probably know the host of benefits associated with learning magic tricks. Magic tricks are fun to perform and can captivate the audiences. But magic goes much deeper than that! It serves to stimulate your imagination and enhance your thinking and learning capabilities. Magic tricks when done well turn into art. When you learn magic [...]

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American Museum of Magic

March 20, 2012

There is a large museum in Marshall, Michigan that houses a lot of information about magic, magic paraphernalia, and illusions, many of which were the possessions of Harry Blackstone, Sr.  This is the largest museum of magic in the country and it’s open to the public.  If you’ve never visited it, it is well worth [...]

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Unusual Types of Magic

March 8, 2012

Most of us are familiar with the traditional types of magic such as Street Magic, Close-up Magic, Stage Magic, Children’s Magic and Corporate Magic.  These are the most common categories of magic, and most magicians can perform tricks and illusions that can fit into all of these categories.  However, there is a less common, more [...]

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Why Be Funny

February 19, 2012

Humor is a powerful tool, and one that should be utilized by every magician.  People love to laugh, and when they are laughing they are in a naturally relaxed state.  This is exactly where you want them to be to best enjoy your magic, and so that misdirection happens flawlessly. Also if you are the [...]

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New Years Eve

December 4, 2011

Just the thought of it is magical…. New Years Eve.  It’s the night were we say goodbye to the old and hello to the new.  It’s the reset button on our lives.  No matter how upsetting the previous year may have been, it’s almost like in that one night we get a fresh start.  We [...]

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