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A Guide to Finding a Good Online Magic Shop

September 16, 2013

If magic catches your fancy, it is advisable that you look for products that can help you master the art. While such products are easily available online, you need to find a suitable e-store that offers premium products at reasonable prices. After you find one, you can: Choose from an extensive range of products, including [...]

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Top Street Magic Tricks Revealed!

July 29, 2013

Street magic is one of the most popular ways to practice the art of magic and create a fan following. It has been made popular by magicians such as Criss Angel and David Blaine, who have developed their own unique styles and introduced the classic magic tricks to modern audience. Although, there are numerous popular [...]

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Learn How to Do Magic Tricks at Home

June 27, 2013

Famous magicians such as David Blaine, Houdini and Chris Angel have one thing in common; they all entertain and amaze their audience with their miraculous tricks. If you are a fan of such magicians and wish to try your hand at magic, following are some basic techniques to help you get started. Water and Ice [...]

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Learn Instant Magic Tricks to be the Star of your Group!

June 26, 2013

A deck of cards can help you perform hundreds of magic tricks. Among numerous instant card magic tricks that are common among beginners and kids, here are the some of the most popular ones. The Color Card Prediction This is among the easiest tricks to learn with playing cards. During this trick, a spectator selects [...]

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Learn the Nuances of Street Magic through Practice

April 28, 2013

If street magic interests you, start learning the art right away and become proficient enough to enthrall the passersby with captivating performances. However, before learning the nuances, you need to determine what genre of street magic you are comfortable with. You can either choose to learn things that help in delivering a traditional street performance [...]

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