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December 2009

Creative Magic Characters

December 21, 2009

Once you have performed your same tricks many, many times, it’s always fun to juice things up a bit.  Becoming a character of some kind is always a fun way to do this.  Not only will this bring a fresh energy to your tricks but it will also get your audience even more involved.  Here [...]

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-20

December 20, 2009

Randi Dupes His Followers and Calls off the Vithoulkas Challenge …: Years of magic tricks by Randi has deluded hi… # Magic – Survivalist Forum: Magic Jokes, Humor & Music. … Thanked 365 Times in 171 Posts. Default Magic. America's… # Get this done, no ifs ands or butts: Okay, that's the end [...]

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Keeping It Simple-For Aspiring Magicians

December 18, 2009

For all of you aspiring magicians out there, there is one key that I believe is so important as you are getting started in this fantastic field….keep it simple!  Magic tricks are amazing!  And if you don’t know how they are done, no amount of racking your brain can give you the answer sometimes.  They [...]

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Magic For Kids

December 16, 2009

Performing magic for anyone is great.  The look of surprise on people’s faces, the expressions that come out of their mouths, and the overall sense of awe that people display is what give us magicians the satisfaction and fulfillment of choosing this awesome field.  There is just something about being a part of creating this [...]

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Tips For Using Invisible Thread

December 14, 2009

There are so many magic tricks.  There are tricks with cards, tricks with coins, disappearing, reappearing, etc.  But if you really want to wow your audience then learning to levitate something using invisible thread is a must.  Here are some tips to keep in mind as you are mastering this awesome skill.  This is best [...]

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