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March 2010

Three Steps to Success

March 31, 2010

If you interview a magician many of them will tell you that they have loved magic ever since they were a child.  It all started when Uncle Bill pulled a coin out of their ear and the wonder and amazement that followed sparked something inside.  That spark never went out and they find themselves today [...]

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The Healing Powers of Magic

March 27, 2010

Most children love magic.  They seem to buy into magic tricks so much easier than most adults.  They haven’t yet been tricked or taken in their lives and so they aren’t as guarded as most adults when it comes to the unseen! Then there are children with disabilities.  Most of them don’t enjoy their physical [...]

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Props Can Make Or Break Your Show

March 24, 2010

As a budding magician it is important to realize that your show doesn’t depend on your skills and talents alone to make it great.  Even the greatest illusionists have to depend on quality props to make their magic happen.  Your props can make or break your show. Quality props are critical to having your audience [...]

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Learning Magic Tricks 10 Reasons to Start

March 21, 2010

Many common magic tricks are easy to learn and only require common items such as matchboxes, cloths and coins to perform successfully. The most common tricks are playing card and coin tricks which are both a good way to practice technical and audience distraction skills. Card tricks are one of the oldest forms of conjuring [...]

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Improving Your Skills

March 17, 2010

A magician is an artist.  And just like other artists the art of magic takes patience and time to be masterful.  An Olympic athlete doesn’t become phenomenal overnight. The same is true for magic.  Every trick, every illusion is a piece of art that requires a commitment to excellence to master.  Here are a few [...]

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