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May 2010

How To Bend A Spoon

May 27, 2010

Every magician should know this magic trick…it’s a classic.  And it’s so easy that even the beginner can perform it effectively and gain some applause!  Here’s how it works: First pick out some spoons to use.  Now don’t use your wife’s fine flatware, and don’t use something that is a part of a matching set.  [...]

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Misuse of Magic

May 24, 2010

There are modern magicians out there that claim that it is unethical to give a performance that has not been honestly revealed as clever and skillful deception.    However, other magician’s feel that in theatre there is not need for explanation.  This viewpoint was solidified in the words of magician, Joseph Dunninger…”For those who believe, no [...]

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A Classic Made Easy

May 20, 2010

Admit it, as a magician you have always wanted to learn how to pull a tablecloth out from under a place setting of dishes without spilling a drop!  We have all seen this hundreds of times, but have you ever really tried it?  Maybe you have and the results were a disaster, or at the [...]

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Make Your Own Double Walled Magic Bag

May 17, 2010

There are some props in magic that you must purchase in order to get the best quality and it really makes a difference.  But there are a few of them that you could actually make yourself.  This way you could practice a certain trick and decide how you like it, and how you could use [...]

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The Shocking I-Pod Trick

May 7, 2010

Want to really freak out your best friend?  This is a trick that is bound to shock, but it’s now for just anyone.  We suggest to do it on someone you know well, or you may even bring someone to tears.  The whole effect is such that you interrupt someone listening to their I-Pod.  You [...]

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