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September 2010

Combating Nervousness

September 28, 2010

“How do I keep from getting so nervous?” This is a common question that all new magicians ask. We all magically wish that we didn’t get butterflies in the stomach before performing. But it goes with the territory! Especially if you want to do a good job, and most magicians I know want to do [...]

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The Vanishing Toothpick

September 21, 2010

Are you looking for a very easy trick that packs a big punch? This is one that will surely please all, and is so easy to learn and execute, you’ll amaze yourself. Here’s how… The effect is that you hold a toothpick in your hand and then vanish it, while holding your fingers wide apart. [...]

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Study Pays Off

September 17, 2010

As mentioned in the previous article, devoting oneself to a life of learning in regard to magic will absolutely be the catalyst for a great career. Take Eugene Berger for instance…. Eugene Berger is probably the most famous close-up magician of all time. And he has written 14 best selling books on the art as [...]

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Magicians Go To School Too

September 14, 2010

For as long as there has been man, human beings loved to be amazed and have had a fascination for the unknown. Think back to our ancestry who worshipped thunder and lightening. Some of that fascination still lives inside us as human beings today, that is why we love magicians so much. Professional magicians wow [...]

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The Four Commandments

September 8, 2010

If you are a serious magician or a beginner, and you really respect the art of magic then are just some simple rules that you must follow… 1) You must be able to keep secrets: I know, when you were a little kid, it was not a good thing to keep secrets…and personally as adults, [...]

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