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March 2011

Magic Tricks To Do With Cards and Coins

March 30, 2011

Cards, coins, flying doves, jumping rabbits are all part of magic. These many items are used as tools for a magic act. While most of the items that are used in magic acts are beyond the scope of new magicians there are others that can be used. For the new magician free magic tricks are [...]

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Simple and Fun for Kids

March 26, 2011

This is a follow up article from the last one about creating summer parties for kids to perform magic tricks.  Here are some more examples of some magic tricks that will be great for kids to learn and perform for their friends and families…. The arm spin 360- this one is fun and very creepy!!  [...]

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The Magic of Summer

March 23, 2011

Being that summer is right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of those outdoor parties.  Just think of the smell of the BBQ, the sound of kid’s laughter in the inflated play lands, kids running, and the crack of a baseball bat.  These are all the wonder things about having your child’s birthday [...]

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Three Easy Steps To Magic

March 11, 2011

1) Learn the Trick Completely There are no shortcuts in magic. Each magic trick has a special way of being presented to the audience. Often, the trick employs the use of a scientific principle and it would in your best interests to thoroughly understand that concept before trying out the trick. Therefore, the first step [...]

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The History of Playing Cards, part II

March 4, 2011

Here is some more interesting facts about the history of playing cards…. Where did the four suites come from?  First off, ever since the very beginning of cards there were always four suites. The names of the 4 suites has evolved over the centuries and also started out a little different in different parts of [...]

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