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July 2011

The Magic of Optical Illusions

July 28, 2011

In many ways magic is an optical illusion.  As a spectator, the magic takes place right before your very eyes.  You don’t see what is really going on, so what you experience is an illusion.  However there are some particular optical illusions that can astound the spectator.  And so both magic and optical illusion, though [...]

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The Ultimate Misdirection

July 23, 2011

What may be just as important as the tricks that magicians do, is the clothes that they wear.  The clothing or costuming that a magician wears is actually part of the routine.  And smart magicians know this.  What you are wearing is the strongest non-verbal form of misdirection.  And it is ultimately one of the [...]

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Best Magic Routines of All Time

July 16, 2011

The greatest magicians are unforgettable.  Even after they retire, even after they are dead, their routines are remembered forever.  And when any magician is asked who they got their inspiration from, you can almost guarantee that they will name one of the following magicians.  They are the best of the best.  What makes their routines [...]

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July 4, 2011

So you’ve taken on the art of magic.  You’ve practiced and practiced and feel that you have many great tricks under your belt.  And you are really yearning to be on stage.  Well, there is no time like the present to make that happen.  Here are some tips for making your debut something that is [...]

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