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October 2011

7 Keys to Becoming a Master, part 2

October 29, 2011

4-Be incredible at misdirection- If you don’t master any other magic skill, master misdirection.  It is the foundation for most tricks.  If you’re not good at, you’ll be extremely limited as a magician.  Practice this one skill over and over and over again.  Make sure it’s flawless.  With this skill under your belt there is [...]

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7 Keys to Becoming a Master

October 25, 2011

So you’ve started a journey into the world of magic.  And maybe you just want to get a few tricks under your belt so you can wow your friends.  Or maybe you want to make a career out of it, like so many before you.  Maybe you want to make enough for a living so [...]

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The Importance of Magic Tricks

October 19, 2011

Magic tricks lay in the heart of the art of magic, so the amount of time and practice that magicians put into their tricks is understandably important. All magic is according to a set of principles that have been developed and used for centuries and when performing magic tricks, magicians rely on sleight of hand [...]

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Props for the Props

October 11, 2011

Many times people think that the magician is really the source of all the magic.  Partly this is true, because it requires the talent of the magician to pull off all of the intricate, fascinating details.  But in some tricks it’s really the props that are responsible for the effect.  And good props make good [...]

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Insurance for Magicians

October 7, 2011

It’s not a fun topic to talk about, but often magicians who perform regularly wonder if it’s necessary to have insurance to cover them if something were to happen.  The answer is absolutely yes! Having insurance is like owning a fire extinguisher.  You hope to never have to use it.  But it’s better to have [...]

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