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Wise Words for Beginners

on December 18, 2010

Have you decided to take up the hobby or even career of magic tricks?  It may seem to be a daunting task but if you apply some of the advice given below you’ll find yourself a master in no time.  The important thing is to realize that if you have the urge to perform magic tricks that you follow that calling!  It won’t go away.  It’ll only call you louder and louder until you answer.  Hopefully the following tips will help you enjoy the journey as you take on this incredible task.

1)      Practice makes perfect- you have heard it before and it’s so true.  Becoming a magician takes years of practice.  The great magicians are always practicing their skills.

2)      Don’t repeat a trick for the same audience- this will increase the chances of them figuring it out.  Even if they beg you to show it to them again, make it your policy to never do it.

3)      Be a magician, not a fool maker- don’t make a fool out of your spectator. Your audience should have fun, not be made fun of.

4)      Show your act to people who like magic- don’t waste your time with those hecklers who just want to give you a hard time.  Your magic is special and should be appreciated.  Always do tricks for those who want to see what you can do.

5)      Don’t be a pain- you can quickly burn out your closest friends, spouses, or partners by constantly doing magic tricks.  Some magicians feel inadequate on a social level and therefore use their magic tricks as a way of getting attention or fitting in.  Don’t fall into that trap of always doing tricks.  People will get sick of you very quickly.  Once in a while is fine!

6)      Be a sponge- learn absolutely everything you can about magic.  Read books, watch DVDs, go to live shows, and join clubs.  The more you can learn the better.

7)      Don’t have to be a comedian- don’t feel that you have to be really funny to be effective.  Some people just aren’t funny, and that’s OK.  Build on YOUR strengths, whatever that may be.  Stand out for what you are great at, and if it’s not comedy-don’t do it.  There is nothing worse than a bad jokester.

8)      Nerves are normal- everyone gets nervous.  It’s actually a good thing.  It means that your performance means a lot to you.  Being nervous simply means you are outside your comfort zone.  Keep growing!

9)      Don’t make your magic look too easy- the harder you make something look the more wow factor it has.

10)   Believe in your magic- believe in you!!!  This will have you exuding confidence.

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