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The Craving

on December 29, 2010

In magic, the countless hours of practice, the joy of getting those bookings, and the high from doing a great show are all undertaken for a single moment in time.  It is staggering to think that all those hours of grueling practice, study, observation, and brainstorming was all done for the magical joy of single fleeting moment of satisfaction, called the “Reaction”.  Where something occurs that is so unexplainable, mind-bending, and awesome that it leaves your spectator in awe, wonder, and disbelief.  Getting that reaction is what most magicians crave.

It’s almost intoxicating to a magician to get that reaction.  To know that you produced a moment that brought genuine amazement to someone’s life is priceless.  And most magicians I know absolutely love and will put in all of those long hours just to get it!

Whether it comes from a huge audience of hundreds or even thousands, or it come from a couple at a table, or it comes from a group of 9 year olds, there is just something about getting that reaction.  And it doesn’t matter if you are getting paid an amazing fee, or doing something for free for your friends.  We magicians just seem to get filled up by that response of amazement from people.

Most people who enjoy magic actually like being dumbfounded.  And most magic lovers are smart, savvy, creative human beings who really enjoyed the fact that a magician can be so good as to create a magic trick that they can’t possibly figure out.  And they actually appreciate being able to be amazed for that moment.

And there really is no difference between performing for kids vs. adults.  The only difference is how hard you have to work to get past an adult’s level of life experience that won’t allow them to be open to something so unexplainable.  But once you as the magician are able to get past that wall and create a genuine child-like reaction in an adult, then you have them in the palm of your hand.  It’s a great gift to give another human being.

The world right now is full of stress, war, terrorism, and grief.  Your job as a magician is a special one that allows the rest of the world to take a break from their realities, if only for an hour or two.  But it’s so worth it.

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