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7 Keys to Becoming a Master, part 2

on October 29, 2011

4-Be incredible at misdirection- If you don’t master any other magic skill, master misdirection.  It is the foundation for most tricks.  If you’re not good at, you’ll be extremely limited as a magician.  Practice this one skill over and over and over again.  Make sure it’s flawless.  With this skill under your belt there is so much you’ll be able to accomplish as a magician.  Don’t underestimate the power of misdirection.

5-Share a laugh- now, don’t think you have to be a standup comedian who does magic…but making your audience laugh every now and then is like magic in itself.  First off, there is something biological that happens when someone laughs.  Endorphins get released and there is an instant connection that get’s created between the deliverer and receiver.  They are much more likely to like you, and want to watch you.  Laughing feels good, and who doesn’t want to feel good?  People will leave your show not necessarily remember what you did, as much as they will remember how they felt.  Make them feel good but putting some of your personality into your routine.  Have fun and they will too. It makes a huge difference.

6-Be a Maker of Magic- This means that you should always be making it up as you go along.  Don’t just settle for tricks and routines that have been done hundreds of times.  Get innovative and start thinking out of the box.  If you can’t think of any original tricks (it’s really tough to do) then think of new and creative ways to put together your routine.  Mix it up.  This will keep you more interested in your own routine, and that spontaneity and freshness will shine through.  Always look for new things and people to be inspired by.  Get good at improving with your patter.

7-Over Promise and Over Deliver- in other words, be a pro.  Professionals are just that…professional.  So always show up on time, return phone calls, be courteous, be organized, be prepared, be exceptional!  You will be remembered by your attitude.  So always be positive, upbeat, thrilled and enthusiastic about what you are doing.  This energy is infectious.  Go above and beyond for your clients.  In a world where talk is cheap, don’t just promise to be great…actually be great!  Be more than great…be extraordinary!

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