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The Power of Penetration

on November 10, 2011

The effect of penetration in magic is one of the most astounding, and actually one of the oldest tricks. Every magician should think of having one or two of these spell binders in his or her repertoire.

A penetration trick is one in which one solid object appears to pass through another solid object.  This type of stunt defies all laws of physics and so it can really have a deep psychological affect on your audience.  Nothing grabs attention quicker that one of these illusions.

History is full of examples of this penetration effect, such as ghosts passing through walls, people appearing in locked rooms, the sword in the stone, and so on.  So the illusion that a magician can create is a very powerful one.

A magician can execute these effects using gimmicked props or simply using sleight of hand and misdirection.  And they range from large stage illusions, to pocket size up close magic.  For instance, a magician can walk through mirrors on stage, or dozens of swords can be passed through the body of the assistant.  Or up close, a cigarette can pass through a coin, or a coin through a handkerchief.

One of the most powerful ways to use this magic is being able to take two objects from an audience member and pass one through the other.  You won’t regret adding a few of things mind boggling illusions into your routines.

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