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Tips to Learn Magic Tricks

on January 16, 2013

Learn Magic TricksThe most exciting aspect of learning different magic tricks is their effect on a live audience. Whether you are performing the tricks in front of your family members, a small social gathering, or a crowd of thousands, the applause and buzz of listening to the gasps of wonder keeps you fascinated and motivated for life.

Following are five effective tips that will help you in learning magic tricks.

Start Simple: Begin with learning the tricks that do not require using complicated props, such as card and coin magic tricks. Start with learning a particular trick and move to another only when you are confident that you can flawlessly perform the first one.

Practice, practice and practice: Practice the tricks in front of a mirror, friends and family or even strangers, till the time you are confident that you have perfected it. Only then try to perform it in front of a large gathering.

Confidence: Practicing your tricks regularly will give you confidence, which is vital to convince your audience that both you and your tricks are simply magical.

Attention and Distraction: Learn the tricks to capture the attention of your audience with practiced movements, humor and eye contact.

Appear Magical: Magicians are remembered not only because of their spectacular performances, but also for their attires. So, apart from practicing your tricks, give some attention to your attire, props, voice, and hand gestures.

Once you have mastered some basic magic tricks and acquired confidence in using your hand movements and humor to your advantage, you are ready to perform in front of a live audience. To add to the charm of your tricks, try to develop your own style of presentation instead of copying other famous magicians. Develop dexterity of hands, eye movements and use your voice to stun the spectators. Charm your audience and make a famous start of your magic career!

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