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Coin Magic Trick to Learn For Beginners

on July 29, 2013

If you wish to learn magic, it is always advisable to start with beginners’ tricks. There are numerous ways to learn magic which include magic tutorial DVDs, books, magic goodies and more. However, before you invest in magic trick items, try this basic coin trick at home.

Step 1: Tell your audience that you are going to show a magic trick that involves switching a coin from your hand and creating an illusion. Make it sound convincing.

Step 2: Make a fist but leave a little gap between by your index finger.

Step 3: Move your hands to create an illusion. Pretend to take the coin from one hand using other; however, instead of putting the coin in your other hand, keep the coin in the same hand and make it appear as if you are putting it in the other hand.

Step 4: Call a volunteer on stage and ask them where the coin is. They will, obviously, select the new hand.

Step 5: Open the fist they select and reveal that there is no coin. Then open the other fist (first hand), which should be holding the coin. Your audience will be amazed after looking at this fascinating trick.


  • Practice in front of the mirror at first
  • Make sure to move your hands more and create an illusion if you are showing the trick to the same audience second time because they will look more closely and try to figure out how you performed it
  • Do not share the secret of the trick with anyone

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