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Magic Inspiration of Popular Magicians

January 10, 2013

In a world where there is abundant availability of everything, and there is nothing exclusive anymore, it becomes essential that we have something that sets us apart and makes us the center of attraction. Whatever the little something and unique, showcasing it will give you monetary benefits and great success. Take for instance captivating magic [...]

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Why to Perform Coin Magic

December 28, 2012

Coin and money magic has a love hate relationship. Many magicians like to perform coin and money magic; in fact they are addicted to it. This is primarily because they can perform this magic trick anytime, anywhere. On the other hand, the magicians that hate coin magic trick believe that the trick is cliché and [...]

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Famous Starts

February 3, 2012

Even the famous magicians had to start somewhere.  In this article we will look at the first tricks ever learned by some of the most well known magicians.  This is how they got their start and what inspired them to launch themselves into a life time of magic performance.  Hopefully it will inspire you to [...]

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For The Love of Cards

September 19, 2011

The love of magic is an integral part of society.  It’s a vital part of entertainment.  The love of card magic is especially fun! There are so many card tricks to learn.  So whether you are a beginning or an expert you will always have new card magic tricks to learn. Vanishing card trick are [...]

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Mastering the Card Flourish

May 24, 2011

A card flourish is an art where you are manipulating a deck of cards with either one hand or both hands.  You can do all sorts of fun things with card flourishes.  You can cut the deck, hide cards, vanish cards and simply amaze your spectator with your skill.  Magicians like to add these into [...]

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