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Props for the Props

October 11, 2011

Many times people think that the magician is really the source of all the magic.  Partly this is true, because it requires the talent of the magician to pull off all of the intricate, fascinating details.  But in some tricks it’s really the props that are responsible for the effect.  And good props make good [...]

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Best Bet For Beginners

September 3, 2010

Are you a beginner and looking for how to get the best start in magic? Here are some suggestions for some tricks that are easy to learn, look great, and won’t break your bank. From these 5 tricks you can develop a 15 minute routine that you can take anywhere. They will also give you [...]

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GumSlinger (DVD and Gimmick) by Chris Webb and Wizard FX Productions

November 13, 2009

GUMSLINGER is a visual transformation using chewing gum. You remove the sticks of gum from the box, gum in one hand, sticks in the other, and they change places instantly! After three live performances on the streets, it’s back to the studio so Chris can take you through all the techniques needed to create magic [...]

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Hand Out 500 by Steve Haynes presented by Paul Harris – DVD

November 9, 2009

Steve Haynes’ Hand Out 500 starts off like all the other wonderful versions of Pat Page’s easy money; you display four or five single dollar bills, then in a flash, the ones visibly change into hundreds. The Big Handout Happiness is that you can now immediately hand out all of the hundreds for examination! If [...]

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Don’t Miss These Great New Products!

October 16, 2009

Sometime there are so many new magic tricks coming out that we may miss some real gems. These are new products you should get and are recommended. Chapter One by Asi Wind (With DVD and Book) – Book ( CHAPTERONE ) Excerpt from the Preface of the book: When I started working on this project, [...]

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