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Researching Magic

March 15, 2012

These days it can be tough to do a whole lot of research on Magic.  With the confidentiality that goes along with being a magician, there is so much information that just doesn’t get put out there.  Many resources are privately held, and even most libraries have a limited supply of magic resources. So what [...]

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Unusual Types of Magic

March 8, 2012

Most of us are familiar with the traditional types of magic such as Street Magic, Close-up Magic, Stage Magic, Children’s Magic and Corporate Magic.  These are the most common categories of magic, and most magicians can perform tricks and illusions that can fit into all of these categories.  However, there is a less common, more [...]

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Rubber Band Magic

February 14, 2011

Magic is all about creating illusion.  The great magicians don’t know how to do anything mystical or supernatural, they are just really good at illusions.  They make it seem like something is happening that is not.  And the good magicians do so effortlessly.  Anyone can learn how to do magic tricks. All it takes is [...]

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How To Hire The Perfect Comedic Magician

November 23, 2010

These days there is a trend in magic, and it’s the comedy magician.  These are special magicians who have become so good with audience interaction and patter that they can be a comedian while performing their favorite magic tricks.  They have mastered the art of timing in terms of jokes and when and where to [...]

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The Perfect Gift

August 6, 2010

Are you looking for something to buy that person who just seems to have everything? Or maybe they have no interests and seem kind of boring. Or maybe it’s that brilliant kid who seems too have outgrown toys and he certainly doesn’t need anymore video games. Then the perfect solution is to buy them magic [...]

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