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Magic Stores: Offering Resourceful Magic Goodies, Books and DVD Tutorials

February 11, 2013

If you are an aspiring magician, then the best way to get started is to learn basic magic tricks with expert guidance. But what if you do not know any magician that can teach you the ways to perform magic tricks or have no idea about a reputed magic school? Well, stop worrying! Just use [...]

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Awe the Audience with Card Magic Tricks

January 8, 2013

Perhaps the most popular and easiest to perform magic is card tricks. Magic card tricks have been around for decades and continue to enthrall the people and make the audience stare in awe. Large venues, like Las Vegas casinos and popular street performers like David Blaine has played a major role in enhancing the popularity [...]

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Captivate the Audience with Levitation Magic

January 7, 2013

Today, the magicians perform different types of magic tricks that are quite fascinating and captivating. There are coin tricks, everyday card tricks and tricks involving everyday items. But there is one trick that simply overpowers rest of the tricks; it is the ability of levitating some object or person in air. Of all the magic [...]

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Surprise Everyone with Easy to Learn Coin Magic Tricks

November 19, 2012

Magic always has an enthralling effect on us, regardless of our age, nativity, or any other discriminating factor instilled to divide humanity. The ability to witness the impossible is exciting enough to get our adrenaline flowing. Unfortunately, with an oblong box sitting in the corner of every kid’s room, kids today are somewhat missing out [...]

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Researching Magic

March 15, 2012

These days it can be tough to do a whole lot of research on Magic.  With the confidentiality that goes along with being a magician, there is so much information that just doesn’t get put out there.  Many resources are privately held, and even most libraries have a limited supply of magic resources. So what [...]

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