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Learn the Best Magic Tricks: Buy Magic Books and DVD Tutorials

January 14, 2013

Magic tricks are not one and the same; in reality they take different time to master, are performed in different ways and take different time duration. If you too are attracted towards the world of magic, you can learn magic tricks of different complexities and technicalities through magic kits readily available over magic e-stores. The [...]

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Juggling: A Healthy Magic Trick

January 11, 2013

The act of juggling is not limited to clowns! Today, magicians are adding juggling to their act for the unexpected dimension that can make their show an instant success. It is also a great way to wow an audience and make people stand in attention. Apart from enhancing the popularity of your show, studies have [...]

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How to Approach People While Performing Street Magic

January 9, 2013

If you are a magician and have the plans to stop people in the street and lure them to watch your magic tricks, here are some of the vital tips: Make clear who you are Dress appropriately to perform the street magic. If you are dressed in normal attire, then some people may believe that [...]

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Learn Different Categories of Magic Tricks through Magic Kits

December 4, 2012

Magic tricks aren’t all one and the same. In fact, they have different purposes, take different duration or time to perform and master, and can be used in different ways. If you are fascinated with the world of magic or wish to make a career as a magician, it’s a great idea to learn magic [...]

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Learn a Magic Trick to be The Star of your Pack

November 22, 2012

Social acceptability is undoubtedly one of the biggest concerns for those who are trying to develop an identity for themselves. This is the reason people try everything possible to create a socially appreciated personality. To carve a unique identity, while some of us resort to bizarre clothing, some of us don’t even refrain from becoming [...]

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