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New Years Eve

December 4, 2011

Just the thought of it is magical…. New Years Eve.  It’s the night were we say goodbye to the old and hello to the new.  It’s the reset button on our lives.  No matter how upsetting the previous year may have been, it’s almost like in that one night we get a fresh start.  We [...]

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Props for the Props

October 11, 2011

Many times people think that the magician is really the source of all the magic.  Partly this is true, because it requires the talent of the magician to pull off all of the intricate, fascinating details.  But in some tricks it’s really the props that are responsible for the effect.  And good props make good [...]

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Make Landing Gigs Easy

August 22, 2011

Let’s face it, magic is a business.  And just like any other business you have to book gigs in order to get paid.  Some people think that magicians can magically make money appear, but no they don’t.  A successful magic business requires time, energy, sales, and marketing, just like every other business out there.  Magicians [...]

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Getting a Quick Start

August 8, 2011

Individuals who are just starting out in the field of magic often wonder where they should start.  Should they buy a bunch of expensive gimmicks and props and learn how to use them?  Should they buy several instructional videos and learn from the experts?  Either of these strategies is fine, but often times getting a [...]

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The Four Keys to being a Great Magician

January 5, 2011

You can be one of two types of magicians….you can be an amateur and just play around with magic….or you can be great.  Some folks are perfectly ok with using magic as a fun hobby, wowing their family with a few fun magic tricks, creating lots of laughs for the kids at the holidays, or [...]

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