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Slight Of Hand

Best Start

January 4, 2012

People just starting out in magic usually wonder how to jump start their magic career or hobby.  People are always asking, “where do I start?” and the answer may be simpler than you think.  Often these eager talents just want to go to a magic store and purchase a ton of gimmicks and get started.  [...]

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The Magic Behind the Magic

January 3, 2011

For years magicians have amazed and astonished people all of over the world with their talent and abilities.  Magic is truly an art, and just like an other artist, magicians have studied their craft for years and years to make it perfect for you…the spectator.   And just like any other artist magicians are not born [...]

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Patience Is a Virtue

July 3, 2010

Is it hard for you to be patient?  Do you want success right this minute?  We live in an instant gratification society, we want what we want now, not later, now!  Not only do we project this attitude on to food, fun, clothing, etc.  We can also project it on to our own success. Magicians [...]

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The Three Secrets

May 3, 2010

Every magician knows that the number one secret that they all share is to never reveal your tricks to your audience.  Most magicians really stand by this rule.  But there are 3 other secrets in magic that are a given, that must be in place for you to have a successful routine. The first is [...]

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The Healing Powers of Magic

March 27, 2010

Most children love magic.  They seem to buy into magic tricks so much easier than most adults.  They haven’t yet been tricked or taken in their lives and so they aren’t as guarded as most adults when it comes to the unseen! Then there are children with disabilities.  Most of them don’t enjoy their physical [...]

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