Tricks Against Humanity by Seymour B.

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In the world of magic, there exist tricks... not discussed in polite company.

These are the Tricks Against Humanity!

In this box, you'll learn tricks and gags to offend, appall and shock your audience! Tricks designed and tested from pro's all over the world!

What better way to have some adult fun?! Some of the names have been changed to protect the guilty...

The Tricks:
  • One Night Stand - The Amazing Allison
  • The Coloring Book - BJ Mallen
  • Keno Man - Ron Jaxon
  • Sponge Dong - Goshman (Black Dong Included)
  • The Blackpool Prediction - Peter McKinnon
  • WFT - Mark Bendell & Gary Jones (Baggies Included)
  • Woofle Dust - Scarface
  • The D*ck Trick - Mr. Phun E.
  • Tamposition - Anonymous
  • That's Nuts! - Eric Leclerc
  • Blind Date - ER
...and more!

Many classic sleight of hand techniques also taught!

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